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No Apology Needed, PNP Says In Response To Political Ombudsman

    President of  the People’s National Party Mark Golding is not in agreement with recommendations from the Office of  the Political Ombudsman which found him in breach of  the Political Code of  Conduct.    The Office wrote to Mr. Golding after he referred to Robert Montague, Chairman of  the governing Jamaica Labour Party and Minister of Transport & Mining as “likkle bwoy” and “Minister of  Scandals” during a recent tour.   Mr. Golding was ordered by Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown to publicly apologise and pay a maximum $20,000  to a charity in Mr. Montague’s constituency.   PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell, speaking Monday morning on The Morning Agenda, on Power 106 argued that Mr. Golding’s comments were being taken out of  context and do not warrant an apology.   “I do think that, in this instance… the principles of accountability and ministerial accountability makes those comments fair and par for the course,” he said in defence of Mr Golding.