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Area One chief unable to verify PCOA’s damning report

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Area One chief unable to verify PCOA’s damning report


ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER of Police Clifford Chambers, head of western Jamaica’s Area One Police Division, says that he is currently unable to verify claims made in a recent report by the Police Civilian Oversight Authority (PCOA) that lock-ups in the division are in a dismal state.

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Chambers was responding in an interview with The Gleaner on Wednesday to the report’s findings that were published in the PCOA’s quarterly newsletter, including allegations of washbasins being used as toilets, showers being out of service, and prisoners’ belongings not being seen in custody.

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“I cannot accept or deny that the face basins are being used as you describe it there. Whilst I am not saying that that which is reported (by the PCOA) is incorrect, I have examined the report and I have not seen in that report that the face basins are being used for that purpose which you have mentioned just now,” Chambers said.

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According to the Area One commander, policy dictates that notifications of facilities being out of order should be made to the relevant authorities in a timely manner.

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